Sagadio is a creative technology company. We create top-notch interactive multimedia applications through continuous innovation.

We believe in great presentations as well as great technical features; and we stress this in every of our processes and creations. This resulting in solutions that are intelligent, engaging and artful in every aspect.

Nusantara Online

Nusantara Online is a MMORPG or online game that uses past background of Indonesia, when the culture, myths, legends, folklore and great kingdoms in the archipelago also affected the history and culture of the world. Nusantara Online managed to present educational content and cultural history of the ancestors in the form of modern, dynamic and attractive.


Gorilost is a game that brought the gorilla character that comes from space. Players are required to complete the game by using a number of techniques to avoid blocking latitude in accomplishing every mission.

Now, Sagadio realize that nobody is saving the world from bad marketing tools. Brochures are trash and scale models are filling up our earth with the worst carbon footprint. We believe marketing tools should be attractive, engaging, and smart at the very least. How about you?

About Property Viewer

Established in 2014, Property Viewer caters the surging needs of property visualization in the new era of digital media by developing an all-in-one mobile application, designed to work on iOS and Android tablets, replacing the old and ineffective marketing tools and media. Industry application of Property Viewer includes Promotion & Marketing of Housing Development, Showcasing of Commercial & Residential High Rise, and Visualization of Public Domain and Facilities.


Property Viewer allows you to optimize the investment by transforming your static brochure and physical maket into an interactive online/offline application.


Property Viewer are digital copy of your printed document spiced with 3D visualization, music, and VR walk through.

About Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that replicates an environment that simulates physical presence in places in the real world or imagined worlds.


With Virtual Reality, we have created rift between virtual and real world.